Our innovative solutions and services

As we continue to create solutions and products for healthcare professionals and institutions, here are some of our most notable contributions to the healthcare industry.

Booking Management

Simplify appointment management through a high-performance and highly accessible platform.

No-Show reduction

Cut down significantly on patient no-shows with advanced tools.

Patient Online Booking

Benefit from an online booking tool that fits the specificity of your activity.

Patient Communication

Boost communications with your patients via SMS and email to stay in touch.

Patient Marketing

Communicate about your practice to existing and new patients.

Care Coordination

Collaborate more easily with fellow practitioners to improve patient follow-up.

Support Services  

Make the most of our unlimited customer support with personalised advice for your organisation.

Privacy and Security  

Rely on the most up-to-date and strongest privacy and security standards.

Virtual Care  

Increase your revenue and your quality of life at work through video consultation.