• Is there a registration fee to see a doctor on SEHA ?
    There is no registration fee to see a physician on SEHA.
    To consult a physician on SEHA, simply click on this link , then fill in your personal information
    Finally, click on 'Consult a doctor' from the home page.
  • How much does a SEHA consultation cost ?
    It depends on each doctor; we do not have a fixed rate for all practitioners.


  • How does a teleconsultation work?
    To perform a teleconsultation, you simply need to create an account on SEHA via our website, by following this link
    You will then be able to consult the practitioner of your choice on video, depending on the availability of the practitioners.
    The doctors on SEHA take care of you for pain and/or symptoms that do not require a physical examination.
  • What is a video consultation?
    It is a video consultation performed remotely, between a patient and his doctor, via two interposed screens. This can be done, for example, from a computer equipped with a webcam or from a mobile application installed on the patient's phone. The latter can take place with a health professional, including a general practitioner or a specialist.
  • Video consultation, for whom? For what reason?
    The video consultation is suitable for patients suffering from health problems such as chronic diseases (thus avoiding numerous return trips to their doctor), as well as for patients suffering from occasional symptoms.
    It is however specified by law that the patient must be willing to undergo a video consultation. If the patient wishes, he or she can also be assisted by another health professional.
    Concerning the reasons, the video consultation can allow you, among other things, to make a remote diagnosis in the case of a flu, to receive a medical opinion on a rash, to benefit from an opinion from your nutritionist, to receive a prescription renewal for your contraceptive method, to confirm a conjunctivitis...
  • I can't launch my video, what should I do ?
    If you are using a computer, refresh your page (ctrl + F5). If the problem persists, close your browser and restart it, using Google Chrome.
    Also remember to allow your browser to have access to your webcam and microphone when asked.
  • If the connection is interrupted, how can I continue the teleconsultation ?
    If your internet connection should degrade for reasons of speed, to the point of no longer ensuring an optimal audio-video exchange, you may be called back by the practitioner on your phone, until the video consultation can be resumed under good conditions.

Account management

  • How do I access my personal account?
    You can log in from your computer or smartphone by clicking on this link, then fill in your login and password if you have an account.
    If you do not have a SEHA account yet, click on this link and complete the creation of your patient account.
  • I forgot my password, what should I do?
    If you have forgotten your password, click on this link and fill in your email address, we will email you a link to reset your password. Do not forget to check your spam!
  • How do I change my personal information?
    If you want to change your information, you can do so from your customer account:
    - To modify your personal data: click on 'Personal data', from where you have the possibility to rectify your email address, your password, your phone number, and your date of birth...
    - To modify your payment data: from 'payment area', you can 'add or delete a credit card'.


  • Can a doctor Produce a prescription?
    A few minutes after the teleconsultation is over, the documents issued by the doctor are available in your personal space. You can download and print them.
    Prescription renewals are possible on SEHA but are at the discretion of the doctors.
    Please note that prescriptions prescribed by doctors on SEHA can only be used in Morocco.

Security and confidentiality

  • How does SEHA protect your personal data?
    On SEHA, patients have control over their health data. It is confidential and is intended only for patients and their healthcare professionals.
    On SEHA, health data is used only to enable professionals to manage their consultations and to help patients manage their health online with the patient's permission. We do not sell it. We do not use it to advertise or sell services.
    Patient health data is protected with the highest level of security and stored at Amazon AWS certified data hosts, in accordance with Moroccan regulations. Only patients and their healthcare professionals can access the data.
    We respect medical ethics and deontology
    100% neutrality
    On SEHA, we treat each practitioner impartially: no one can pay to be featured. SEHA search results are random and automatically updated every hour.